Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Style Stamps: Foxy Furry Friends!

Today I want to share with you a great fall stamp set from My Style Stamps!  This set is called "Furry Friends" and it's from the fall release.  I legit could not resist the super adorable little foxes!!
I used them on a baby shower card for a very very dear friend of mine who is having twin boys! (hence why my post is a day late - I had to wait until after her shower to post this!)

I'm not much of a card maker, but I enjoyed making this one.  I used some sparkly markers by Martha Stewart for the foxes and popped them up with some foam dots.  

Then I just layered various embellishments from my stash on top of the project life card that I had put in a wax paper envelope.

I hope you love this set as much as I do!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

But first, coffee.

Hey everyone!! Whew has it been a while!! 

Everything around here has been crazy crazy, and my craft desk has been buried for WEEKS!! But I managed to dig out some space just so I could show you all these killer coffee themed planner stamps from My Style Stamps!
 The set is called "Coffee Plans" and you can get it here.  I used Colorbox acid free pigment ink in the color Chesnut to give that coffee stain color, and decked the rest of the page out with washi tape that went well with the already orange and brown colors of October in my ECLP.
These stamps are seriously awesome, and I definitely *plan* to continue using them in my planner! (see what I did there?) 

Some of the sayings will make for some great project life cards, too!  It's going to be a caffinatedly cool week for me - and it can be for you too!!  With Monday being Columbus Day, the whole shop is on sale - even the new release which includes the "Coffee Plans" set!!! Just use the code below and get to shopping and planning!!


**The large coffee cup is from the My Style Stamps set "Better Together Two".

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blog Hopping: Retro Style With Club Scrap!

Hey everyone!! Today I am super excited to be hop hop hopping along with the folks over at Club Scrap as one of their guest designers!!
Karen sent me a very cool retro themed membership kit to use for the blog hop today.  It is the lite version of their kit options (they have Deluxe, Lite, and Card Club).  This particular kit is "50's Kitchen" Lite, and it included embellishments like buttons and ribbon, plus cut-apart paper sheets, and some totally awesome retro scrapbooking papers in red, black, cream, navy blue, and teal hues.  The kit also included a ring bound pack of note cards, a neat case for the teeny tiny embellishments I use (hellllooooooo sequin storage!!) and a super adorable set of unmounted rubber stamps.
Since I'm not one who is often found in the kitchen - and photographing that is further more rare - I decided to use this kit for my layout of Kyle's company picnic instead.  The picnic was at Midway State Park, which is actually pretty vintage, and the colors and themes went together seamlessly!  A lot of people steer clear of full scrapbooking kits for pocket page layouts, but I will never understand this.  The larger kits may come with larger paper, but you can always cut it down AND you end up with way more.  I've always used full sized embellishments too, and sometimes the pocket page themed kits only come with small or flat embellishments.  It's always fun to take something traditional and put a modern out-of-the-box spin on it, and I really feel like I was able to do that with this retro traditional scrapbooking kit.
I tried to stay very true to the kit, and didn't use any other supplies than what was provided other than my trusty date stamp and some thickers for the layout title, but boy were there a lot of supplies provided!! I still have tons of paper left over for future layouts, and the adorable cherry stamp set too.
I really had a great time chopping up this kit and making it work for my pocket pages, and I hope you enjoyed my layout too!!

If you're just finding my post in the middle, you can hop back to the beginning at Club Scrap here!!
To hop hop hop on to the next post, click here!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

YOU Take Two (My Style Stamps & the Fuse Tool)

Hey everyone!! I'm finally on the recovery side of my sinus/septum surgery.  I am still quite sore and I tire easily, but I have been able to do quite a bit of scrapbooking from my big comfy bed.  also - I finally got a Fuse tool!! I was wandering through Michael's on a recent glue mission just before surgery day (It's a bittersweet day, running out of Tombow Mono Multi... it means you've created a ton of great things BUT it also means you can create no more until you aquire a new tube of glue!) and of course went to check out what new bits the Project Life section had to offer.  I had completely forgotten that Becky Higgins released her own Fuse Tool, especially since the bright teal of the We R Memory Keepers version is so memoriable.  And there she was, the lone wolf hanging on the rack, just waiting for me to pluck her up and render her kind "out of stock".  As luck would have it, she was also on sale for 40% off!  Now normally I'd wait to bug something this spendy until I have a 50% off coupon, but I knew that if I waited until I had the coupon, someone else would scoop her up and I'd be SOL.  So, she came home with me and I was a happy crafty camper.  So happy that I forgot to take a picture before I hulked open the package.

This was my sneak - peek photo...the only photo I took of the fuse tool HAHA!!

Since I couldn't resist trying it out IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home, I dug through my pictures that I have waiting to get scrapped and found a series of pictures I'd taken this June of the flowers in my garden.  We have peonies and Iris' right along the front sidewalk, and this year they were so full of blooms and colors.  I even took a series of shots of the same peony bloom 4 days in a row to show how it really opened up! 

I decided to create a "suspended" card/photo pocket in the middle of another pocket, and then of course I decided to put in some Lollipop My Style Stamps sequins because the pink just goes so well with the YOU card colors and the flowers themselves.  

On the back side of the insert, I kept it simple and re-printed multiple stripe cards from the My Style Stamps YOU card kit. The stripes line up nicely, and I think it makes quite a statement.  That's another wonderful thing about these digital card kits -you can print them over and over and use striped ones like these ones to create a larger scale patterned page or page portion.

As you can tell, I'm certainly no professional fuser, and will need some serious practice, but I'm fairly proud of how it turned out.

Have you gotten a chance to use your fuse yet!? They go wonderfully with the My Style Stamps digital card collections and My Style Stamps sequins!!

*please excuse the plastic glare... I didn't realize how bad it would be on this sunny day and of course everything is fused into the pocket!!*

Thursday, July 23, 2015

YOU by My Style Stamps

Hey everyone!  Boy has it been a busy few weeks!  Amelia is going through a big growth spurt, work is picking up, and I'm getting ready to have surgery (eek!!)

I haven't been crafting nearly as much as I'd like - I tried doing weekly layouts for the month of June and it is just NOT my thing.  I ended up taking the majority of the layouts apart and have really been struggling with how I should put it back together.

So, while I'm deciding how to fix that mess, I decided to get my mojo back, and what better way to do it than with the amazing new digital card release from My Style Stamps!?

I decided to use them for a mini insert that showcases Amelia turning 3 months.  I used all but 5 cards of the kit, but I have plans for the remainders (and still plan to print more - which is easy when you buy a digital kit download versus a physical card kit!!!).

I also used the Lollipop colored sequins from My Style Stamps to keep everything flowing and connected - and i absolutely love them!!  They're this fantastic candy pink color with a bit of iridescent shine.

I definitely plan to stock up on more sequin colors, especially since they're only a dollor for a whole baggie!! The rest of the embellishments are leftovers from my stash, but if you have any questions on anything specific, let me know.

Even close up, it's hard to tell that these cards aren't real watercoloring - and I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard to make DIY watercolor embellishments to match.
I absolutely loved working with this card kit, and I hope that you will too!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

April Showers... and sequins

Hey everyone!! Today I want to share with you my layout and inserts for April 2015!  

April was quite a busy month for us after we brought Amelia home - mostly because I felt amazing and was able to do a lot even though I'd just had a baby!!  We had Easter, a zoo trip, and even a trip to Ohio to visit Poppy for a spaghetti dinner!!

I hope that you enjoy the layouts, and if you have any questions just send me a comment!!

I love documenting things like first baths - even though they always make silly faces, it's fun to look back on later on down the road.

This little gal sleeps ALL. THE. TIME!!  That's what makes scrapbooking so easy hahaha!

I decided to do a mini insert for each of Amelia's month days.  I got some super cute pictures of her propped up in the chair and used a grey blanket as a background.  I also used the shirt sticker as an embellishment!

I hope my layouts inspire you to get crafty today!!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Style Stamps: 4th of July

Hey everyone!!

I am so excited, as most of you know if you follow me on instagram or on facebook, because I've been selected to design layouts for My Style Stamps using their brand new digital pocket pages card sets!!

The first set I've received is a 4th of July set, created with beautiful maroon and navy and absolutely perfect for a layout dedicated such an important day in history.  

I used only the My Style Stamps cards to create my layout for this year's festivities, and I used all gold embellishments from my stash to really bring out the rich maroon and navy of the cards.  I didn't want too many colors in the layout to distract from the patriotic feel, and i really felt that the gold gave the whole layout a more classic design element.

There were only two cards that I didn't use from the set, but I plan to use them later on in my album because while they are "red white and blue", they definitely are not holiday specific, which makes it easy to use them with a different layout later on.  What's more exciting, is since these sets are available digitally, I can always reprint cards that I like for future layouts too!

I've taken some close-up photos of each section so that you can see the little details Ive added to really draw out the beauty of these cards.

I hope that you enjoy the layout, and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss my future posts featuring all the newest My Style Stamps digital pocket pages card sets!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Make Lemonade

Even negative events can be beautifully scrapbooked, and when you're using project life to document (especially weekly) it's not uncommon that you'll photograph the not-so-happy parts of life.  

In this picture, my 3 year old was sick with gastroenteritis and was definitely not a happy camper.  It was an instagram photo, so the square picture didn't flow well with the rest of my layout, and I had some other instagram photos I was putting on an insert as well, so I decided to go with a 6x6 layout for this.
I decided to use the age-old saying of "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" but spun it around as if to say "HOW can I make lemonade out of these rotten lemons!?!?!"  I chose the lemon paper to flow with the theme, and the sparkly yellow thickers to spell out lemonade.  I didn't want too much black on the layout, so I chose the grey chipboard thickers for the rest of the title.  I didn't use embellishments on this page because I wanted the photo and the title to be the main focus, and felt like embellishments would have been too much.  I do wish I'd had a lemon shaped paperclip, that would have been nice in the bottom left corner!  If I ever find one, I'll have to come back to this layout and attach it.  It's always a work in progress for me!
As you can see, even the boring, mundane, and even yucky parts of life can be made beautiful, just by using some creativity and some pretty supplies.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 29, 2015

March 2015: Hello, Amelia !

Hey everyone!  Sorry it took so long for a new post, the weather has not been picture taking weather!  Today, however, was nice and overcast, so I got out and photographed March. 
I used mostly a mixture of cards and embellishments this month, but if you want to know where any specific pieces are from, just ask me!
Side one to start:

And now for side two:

On the bottom right of thus page I added a hidden card and put a butterfly paper clip on it so it's noticeable.

I do this a lot when I have a long story to write (such as Amelia's birth story, which you'll see later in the post) or if I have some journaling that isn't all sunshine and rainbows but rather me getting some tough emotions out on paper.  Even though my scrapbook is meant to be happy, I do feel like sometimes we need to note the not so happy things that happen.  It makes things more real - and makes us appreciate the happy things all that much more.

I've got quite a few inserts for Amelia's Birth, of course, and I used the Becky Higgins baby girl mini kit along with some baby girl stickers from a mambi kit a friend bought as a shower gift.

Lastly, for this month, I added a cute little mini insert.  I simply cut the right side squares off, leaving a 6x12 insert with two 6x6 pockets.  Then I used some 4x4 photos I printed from instagram (I use the FreePrints app for all my printing - they're awesome!!) and adhered them to 6x6 papers.  

These pictures were random photos from March that didn't really have a home, but still needed to be included in my layout.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my layout as much as I enjoyed making it!!
Stay tuned, as I'll be posting April and May in the next few days.  I will also have an exciting surprise with my June Layout, too!!
- Nicole