Monday, June 29, 2015

March 2015: Hello, Amelia !

Hey everyone!  Sorry it took so long for a new post, the weather has not been picture taking weather!  Today, however, was nice and overcast, so I got out and photographed March. 
I used mostly a mixture of cards and embellishments this month, but if you want to know where any specific pieces are from, just ask me!
Side one to start:

And now for side two:

On the bottom right of thus page I added a hidden card and put a butterfly paper clip on it so it's noticeable.

I do this a lot when I have a long story to write (such as Amelia's birth story, which you'll see later in the post) or if I have some journaling that isn't all sunshine and rainbows but rather me getting some tough emotions out on paper.  Even though my scrapbook is meant to be happy, I do feel like sometimes we need to note the not so happy things that happen.  It makes things more real - and makes us appreciate the happy things all that much more.

I've got quite a few inserts for Amelia's Birth, of course, and I used the Becky Higgins baby girl mini kit along with some baby girl stickers from a mambi kit a friend bought as a shower gift.

Lastly, for this month, I added a cute little mini insert.  I simply cut the right side squares off, leaving a 6x12 insert with two 6x6 pockets.  Then I used some 4x4 photos I printed from instagram (I use the FreePrints app for all my printing - they're awesome!!) and adhered them to 6x6 papers.  

These pictures were random photos from March that didn't really have a home, but still needed to be included in my layout.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my layout as much as I enjoyed making it!!
Stay tuned, as I'll be posting April and May in the next few days.  I will also have an exciting surprise with my June Layout, too!!
- Nicole

Friday, June 19, 2015

February 2015 (Happy Birthday, Michael!)

I finally have some time to sit down and write, so today I want to share with you my February layout, which includes an insert for Michael's 3rd birthday!

February 2015: Side One

February 2015: Side Two

 The title card is from a Studio Calico kit, and it had a saying on it but I didn't like it so I covered it with a tag and these awesome rubber alpha.  I'm not sure where the alpha is from, but I need to find more!  I then added in some sequins and wood veneer, also from Studio Calico, to finish the card.

This card was pretty easy to do, I just adhered the picture of my car (in the garage!!!!) To a rainbow striped card and then cut the thanks out with my cuttlebug and this thin die which I believe is Studio Calico.  Then I finished it up with some sequins and wood veneer, and of course some tiny staples.

These two cards were rather simple - just some small embellishments and tags to explain the pictures & that's what I call done!

For Michael's 3rd Birthday, I took a picture of him at the Dr's office when we went for his yearly visit, and I always make sure to write down his stats so we can log it in the book.  It's neat to go back and be able to see how tall he was or how much he weighed at different ages.

This year is the first year Michael is in a daycare setting, and he actually got to have a Valentine's Day party!  Once he took all the candy (what he wants most!) I snagged a couple cute cards to document in his book.  Mason is Michael's best friend right now!!

This was another simple card, using just a paper tag I made from cardstock and a thank you flair button.  I work as a Medical Receptionist, and we have a lot of pharmaceutical representatives visiting our office with samples throughout the day.  One of our reps is married to an Enfamil rep, and he brought me this huge case of formula while I was pregnant just because he wanted to he nice.  It was a very very kind gesture.

On this card I used some thread and a wood veneer arrow from Studio Calico to embellish with.  There was a lot going on between the journaling, the hospital tag (Braxton hicks!!) and the picture iself, so not a lot was needed for the card.

I used a plus sign and geo tag for this card because it was kind of like a "here, at the hospital" notion for kyles badge he wore.  The other picture I embellished with some Heidi Swapp gold stars from her PL kit.

I just used a chipboard speech bubble and a homemade tag to journal on, and then used star sequins and enamel dots to embellish these two pictures.

The journal card and picture go together here, and I used a peach bow I'd been hoarding from and old Studio Calico kit.  It took FOREVER to glue on because I used too much and then it didn't want to dry.  I also added some red gems, and mini alpha stickers for the "33 weeks" title.

This card is one from a Studio Calico kit, and I added the word tasty from some mini Studio Calico color theory alpha stickers.  Then I just added the two puffy stars with my tiny attacher for some minimal embellishing.

Another Studio Calico card, I simply added a couple buttons and a handmade bow (I used my cuttlebug and a tiny thin die) to finish off the card.


I always make a special insert for events like birthdays, zoo trips, holidays, etc., and so Michael's 3rd birthday was no different.  
This year, he is in love with Paw Patrol, and especially Marshall the firefighter dog.  Because of this, we decided to have a firefighter birthday party, and even had it at the fire station!  It worked out well for decorating and everything, and the kids loved climbing in and on the firetrucks and ambulances!

Michael's 3rd Birthday Insert Front Side

Michael's 3rd Birthday Insert Back Side

I kept the majority of the birthday insert cards simple, mostly because there are always a lot of pictures, and sometimes too many embellishments can take away from the memory I'm trying to document.

I always try to write a small note to Michael on his birthday, just to tell him what he was like at this time.  My hope is that he will enjoy reading about himself later on when he is older.

As you can tell I used a lot of the same embellishments throughout the insert, mostly because I like to keep everything streamlined since it's all one event.  I used Studio Calico puffy star and circle stickers, my favorite glitter triangle stickers and some other small embellishments I had on hand from miscellaneous stores.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at February's layout and insert, and I'll be back soon with my March layout and miss Amelia's Big Debut!