Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015: Page One

Hey all! I was able to get outside last night and take some pictures of some of my completed Project Life month layouts!  Up first is my title page.  I always like to decorate this for each year because it is a page that expresses what's going on for our family at that time of year.  I will forwarn you though - I can't tag or list every piece of embellishment that was used, but I will do my best.  Over the past three years that I've been doing project life, I've amassed a large collection of things, and my organization methods in my craft room force me to take everything out of the package.  I'll have to make a new post for that sometime soon...

Anyways, here's page One:

This cork 2015 piece is from the Freckled Fawn January release.  I do not sub to their kits, but I saw this and just HAD to have it.  I ended up buying it on a b/s/t group on face book and it works so beautifully against the cloud 4x6 card behind it.

This card is from a 2014 Studio Calico kit (not sure which one) but I'd been saving it all year last year because I knew I wanted to use it for my Page One for 2015.  I'm so excited to finally use it!  The bow I made myself with a thin die on my cuttlebug and put a small gold enamel dot in the center.

I always like to have a quote or three on my cover page, mostly because I like for the cover to set the tone for the year and be motivational too.  This year I also added the Smith letters because with the birth of our daughter Amelia - our family is finally complete. <3 The quote card is from Studio Calico, as are the chipboard alphas and the heart.

This is the first year I've put our town on my cover page - mostly because we have gone back and forth about moving, but we've decided to stay put.  Both our children were brought home as newborns in this house, we love our neighbors and the community, and I can't imagine calling anywhere else my home.  The card is from a Studio Calico release, the alpha stickers from October Afternoon & I'm not sure about the chipboard heart.  Possibly from a Heidi Swapp PL kit.

That said - wherever I'm with my hubby and kids - I am home.  I didn't do too much to this card, just added some gold flat sequins and some gems over top of those.  I believe the sequins were from Studio Calico, as well.

I was so excited to use my people wood veneer for this kit now that Amelia is here and our family is complete.  The card is from a PL kit and the people I got at Hobby Lobby but I'm pretty sure they're Studio Calico brand.  The wood Family veneer is from Michaels craft store.

Oh look, it's January: side one!!

There are a lot of different things going on in my title card - and you'll soon discover that I like to dress up my title cards a lot.  With this one, I used a card and sequins from a Studio Calico kit, and alpha stickers that I got in a huge pack at Hobby Lobby (they're actually transparent aside from the black coloring). I bought the hello tag at Joanns and the washi is from unknown origins (with the amount I have...who knows where any of it is from!)

This card is comprised of two pictures, and I just embellished them with some wood veneer trees and snowflakes.  The ampersand I cut out of some metallic blue paper with my cricut  a long time ago and had it hanging out in one of my embellishment storage boxes.  The tiny stars and dots are from a Studio Calico tiny alpha sheet and the Jan alpha stickers are from a studio Calico release too.
These two cards are rather simple.  The one on the left features a small circle - cut photo on stacked on some washi strips.  I'm not sure where the blah blah blah card is from, though.  The photo on the right has gold alpha stickers from the dollar section in target and some white number stickers by Teresa Collins with some gem style enamel dots in between.

The card on the left side is a card I had in my stash but I'm not sure where it's from.  I embellished it with gold glittered enamel dots to keep it simple.  The right side is a currently card from Studio Calico and has a picture of my dash thermometer on it.  It read negative twelve that day!! The silver triangle stickers are from a studio calico kit but I am not sure what brand they are through.  I love these things, they come in a few different sizes on a sheet and I've been hoarding them.  I need to find out where they are from to see if they carry other colors...  the green tag is from a pack of tag stickers and the alpha stickers are by October Afternoon.

This series of pictures of when I got my hair cut (ten inches!!) is decked out in mostly Studio Calico.  The enamel dots are probably from Michaels craft store, though.

And January: side two!!
Even though the layout makes this picture cheery, this was a terrifying day in my parenthood.  Mikey had a fever of 103.4 degrees Fahrenheit and had to be rushed to the ER.  He had influenza!! I used mostly enamel dots and puffy circle stickers from Studio Calico to decorate the page, along with his hospital bracelet.  I also used a watercolor paper circle with a plus sign in it.  I sprayed it with a red Mr. Huey's mask because it gave a hospital vibe.  I think it turned out pretty snazzy! 

This side of the page us pretty simple.  I mounted a picture onto a card by Studio Calico, then used some gold laced twine to wrap around the card a few times.  Then I stapled a blue paper heart I had in my stash along with a chipboard piece from a studio calico kit.  So cute!!

Sometimes I prefer to keep cards pretty basic.  The one on the left is a picture of mike watching TV while he was sick, and I just added a little puffy heart, a gem stone, and the date to the card.  The card on the right just has washi tape, two enamel dots, and tiny bow I made with a thin craft die to decorate the card.

I just added the two stickers with saying and a few puffy circles to the card on the left and used it as my journal to explain the card on the right.  It was the first time Mike had brought home a sheet of alphabet work he'd done at school, we were so proud!

The bottom part of this layout are pictures of Mike playing in the bath tub.  He had a space shuttle in the tub that day, and was having such a blast.  For this layout I used a bunch of enamel dots from the dollar section at Michaels craft store and some tiny alpha from Studio Calico.

I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my first page and January pages of this year's album!! I'll be posting more as soon as we have another nice day for me to photograph more of my pages. =D

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