Monday, June 29, 2015

March 2015: Hello, Amelia !

Hey everyone!  Sorry it took so long for a new post, the weather has not been picture taking weather!  Today, however, was nice and overcast, so I got out and photographed March. 
I used mostly a mixture of cards and embellishments this month, but if you want to know where any specific pieces are from, just ask me!
Side one to start:

And now for side two:

On the bottom right of thus page I added a hidden card and put a butterfly paper clip on it so it's noticeable.

I do this a lot when I have a long story to write (such as Amelia's birth story, which you'll see later in the post) or if I have some journaling that isn't all sunshine and rainbows but rather me getting some tough emotions out on paper.  Even though my scrapbook is meant to be happy, I do feel like sometimes we need to note the not so happy things that happen.  It makes things more real - and makes us appreciate the happy things all that much more.

I've got quite a few inserts for Amelia's Birth, of course, and I used the Becky Higgins baby girl mini kit along with some baby girl stickers from a mambi kit a friend bought as a shower gift.

Lastly, for this month, I added a cute little mini insert.  I simply cut the right side squares off, leaving a 6x12 insert with two 6x6 pockets.  Then I used some 4x4 photos I printed from instagram (I use the FreePrints app for all my printing - they're awesome!!) and adhered them to 6x6 papers.  

These pictures were random photos from March that didn't really have a home, but still needed to be included in my layout.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my layout as much as I enjoyed making it!!
Stay tuned, as I'll be posting April and May in the next few days.  I will also have an exciting surprise with my June Layout, too!!
- Nicole

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