Friday, June 5, 2015

Rocky Start

I've decided to create a blog, not only for my own textual needs, but also to have a place to showcase my creativity and all the things I love to do most.
I had planned to start a blog much earlier this year, when I was still pregnant with my daughter, Amelia.  But 2015 started extremely rough for my family and I, and the idea of creativity was lost on me.  I lost my mom Carla, my very first best friend, and the woman I hope to be like the most on February 27th of this year.  I had just over a month left in my pregnancy, and she was beyond over the moon to meet her first granddaughter
  Our son, Michael, is 3 and my mom had thoroughly enjoyed him in every way, and was just tickled to have a new little baby to spoil.  Her death was sudden and swift, and though I am forever grateful that the Lord took her so quickly that she didn't suffer or even know it was her time, I do wish I'd been given the chance to tell her just how important she was and how much I appreciated everything she had done for me in my 27 years.
But before I get too emotional, I'll get right to the point I was heading to.. this tragedy made me lose sight of my creativity and I didn't scrapbook for a good long while after my loss.  It was towards the end of my maternity leave, as I was gearing up to return to work, that I realized that present or not, my mom would not have wanted me to abandon my passions on account of her.  She would have wanted me to write, to craft, to scrap, and to remember.  Because ultimately, remembering those we love through the things we create, will be the path upon which our heirs relive our story.  And so, I have begun to scrapbook again.
I returned to my 2015 project life album, and like a good friend you've known for years, we picked right back up where we left off.  It was hard at first, writing the details of our days and knowing that she isn't there to enjoy them with us, but it is getting less and less painful as I continue.  I'm rejoicing in the time we did have, and I'm grateful for those still here with us to enjoy what is to come.  I'll be using this blog to both get my thoughts out of my head and somewhere less distrscting, and also as my own digital portfolio. 
I hope that you enjoy!

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