Sunday, June 7, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things

I know I promised to post pictures of my completed pages and possibly even some in-process photos of my May layout - but I simply did not have any scrap time in the past few days!  It's only Wednesday - but it has been a very busy week!!

We got a new-to-us fridge for $20 and I spent the majority of my day scrubbing this fridge from top to bottom.  It was stinky and moldy because the previous owners only used it a couple months and then it sat in their garage for several years - but with some bleach and a magic eraser, it looks bright white and brand new!

Between all of the scrubbing, plus going to church, spending some QT with Michael and Kyle and countless moments nursing sweet Amelia - I didn't get to scrap at all on Sunday.  Then of course, the work week starts and between keeping up the house and trudging back and forth to the old 9-5... scrapping just hasn't been on the agenda at all. =(

So instead, today I'll share with you some of my favorite things - the tools I use on every single layout I make.  And hopefully this weekend I can get some serious scrap hours logged!!

As you can see, there arent a lot of items in this picture - but I really don't need that many to get the job done. Sure I have stacks of ink and punches and stamps and die cuts and glitter and stickers and everything else that scrappers need to scrap and I do use those things in almost every part of my layout too - but these tools are the ones I use no matter what.  I could make my whole album with these tools, a stack of cards and my pictures, and not need any thing else.

The first tool I want to talk about isn't pictured - but is one of the most important.  It's my Fiskars Cutting Board.  It has an extending arm that goes to 12x12 if I need it - but mostly I use it for cutting my 4x6 photos down to 3x4 as well as cutting 12x12 paper down to project life sized pieces.  The blades are replaceable on this cutting board - and they have other blades for scoring and even perforating.  I have a cheaper, smaller cutting board for when I travel with my scrapbooking stuff, but it isn't nearly as nice as this one.  I highly recommend it to anyone!

The next tool I want to talk about is my Fiskars Corner Rounder.  Unlike regular corner punches, these don't require a table and they are used like scissors - my palm thanks Fiskars for these!!  The only thing I would change with these are that I would have bought the 1/4 instead of 1/2.  The 1/4 is a better matched size to the various cards out there, and sometimes it makes me a little nutty to see the photo have a fatter round than the cards behind it.  Totally just a little irk, though.

Up next I'd my Studio G adhesive runner(s).  I have a ton of these little purple gizmos - and they're only $1 at Michaels craft stores!  I like them because they're small, which means easy to hold and easy to travel with.  The adhesive has a slight green tint to it too, which makes it easy to see where you've applied it (they do have a clear version too, which works great for using with vellum).  I usually buy two or three of these every time I go to michaels!

The next tool I want to talk about is my Tim Holtz tiny attacher - this thing is a beast!  Don't let the word tiny fool you.  The staples are mini and mighty!! I use this for attaching embellishments like tags, vellum, cork, chipboard and wood veneer - yes wood!! These go through just about anything & the staples are super cute!! 

My next favorite tool is actually an adhesive!  The label got torn off somewhere but the green and white bottle is Tombow Mono Multi.  It's a great multi-purpose glue and I really like it for gluing down everything from sequins to wood veneer to resin embellishments.  I haven't found any other glue that I like nearly as much yet!

Then you have my favorite way to date stamp my pages.  I use versa fine ink because it doesn't bleed and lives up to its name - fine -because it is great for alphabet or number stamps, especially the roller date stamps.  The date stamp I prefer to use is by Heidi Swamp with cursive month names.  The Becky Higgins one is nice - but it goes all the way back to 2012 and only up to 2016.  It wouldn't last me long if I bought it now.  So I like this one, plus I'm partial to the cursive months!

The next two tools I want to talk about are my ek tools tweezers and my We R Memory Keepers quick stik.  These two tools do the same thing (pick up things) but in very different ways.  The tweezers are great for precisely placing the smallest things that my fat fingers can't grasp (tiny alpha anyone!?) and the quick stik is great for the same thing - but especially so with things that hold static like sequins or bits of paper.  The only issue I have so far with either of these tools is the Quick Stik - the sticky tack (I call it that because it's like the sticky tack I used to use for hanging posters up as a teen haha!) that is the part that sticks to the embellishments is really hard to twist out when it gets dirty and doesnt work anymore.  I know that Silhouette made a tool just like this one, but I don't know if it's any different.  I plan to try that one when this one runs out, but that will be a long time from now!!

The next tool I want to talk about are my mini fiskars scissors.  Though scissors can really be a dime a dozen, and often a forgotten tool, I need to mention these because they're really fantastic.  They're non-stick titanum, meaning they cut through everything (even though I would never ever use them on anything but paper or thread!!!!! Hahaha) and the non-stick feature is super helpful too! =)

The last tool I want to talk about is my pride & joy in regards to the journaling bits.  It's my Pilot Frixion pen!  I love this pen for so many reasons, but I'll just name the most important parts.  First off - it is ERASABLE!!  And not in some messy, smeared, you-can-still-read-it kind of way, but in a WOW its all gone! kind of way.  The eraser doesn't wear away like a pencil would, either.  It's made of some kind of rubber & is the cleanest erase I've ever seen.  Secondly, it writes very smooth.  It's a .07 ball point that writes more like a gel pen, and it really makes my handwriting look gorgeous.  Combine that with the erasability - and I'll never have sloppy journaling again, especially since my many mispelled words can be corrected without scribbling words out or scrapping the tag or card all together.  Yay for less waste!  I literally use thus pen on everything.  Project life, my Erin Condren planner, at work, and even on love notes to my hubby. It is just simply wonderful!!

So now that you know about a few of my favorite things... what are a few of yours?  I'm always open to improving what I currently enjoy, and absolutely love finding new tools to play with!!

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