Saturday, June 6, 2015

Zoo pic-a-palooza!

The pictures for May were delivered today! 

I use an app on my phone called Picframe to pair the pictures into two 3x4s on one 4x6 print.  Then, I use an app called FreePrints to print them.  They offer 85 prints a month for about $9, and the shipping is super fast.  I ordered my prints Monday morning, and they got here today!  The quality is great, and some orders I've made on Mondays, I've received on the same Friday.  They're an impressive company and I've been thoroughly satisfied.  Especially since the shutterfly app doesn't seem to like the picframe photos I've created on my Samsung GS5 Active.
I have been planning where in my album they all would go, and had most of the layout planned, but it's always easier to see how it will all lay out when you have pictures in hand.

So here I sit, on the floor at the coffee table, cutting my prints in half and rounding the corners. 

I have a full craft table, but I enjoy sitting on the floor in front of the TV with my hubby.  Right now we are finishing up the Sons of Anarchy series on Netflix.  It's a great show - it'll be so rough when it's over!

I usually organize my photos after cutting them into 3x4s by category - full month photos, then event insert photos.  I usually have 2 or 3 inserts a month, especially with Amelia for her monthly growth photos.  This month I have a lot, though.  Aside from her monthly photos, I also have inserts for a very happy bath she had, some 4x4 pictures that I printed from instagram, the pictures I took of Mikey when we played with play dough together on Mother's Day, and also when we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Memorial Day weekend.  The zoo insert alone is over 100 pictures!!

I was pretty impressed with the stack of zoo pictures I had in my hand, but it reminded me why I love Project Life so much.  I love it because I can take those 100 pictures from the zoo, and actually scrapbook all of them.  Unlike 12x12 spreads where you can really only use a few photos per page & would end up with hours and hours of work and hardly any pages to show for it - I can keep it very simple and just slip the prints in the pockets and move on.  I don't have 50 pictures of lions sitting in a box from tons of different zoo trips - and my family can actually enjoy every single picture we took that day.
My thought is - if you thought the moment was important enough to photograph, and that photograph was important enough to print - why waste it by shoving it into a box?? You could be putting it on display in an album your loved ones can admire for years to come!! 
And that's where Project Life comes in.  You can keep it simple with just cards, pictures and a pen or go all out like I do with glitter, glue, embellishments & paint.  Can't beat that kind of versatility!!

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