Sunday, July 12, 2015

April Showers... and sequins

Hey everyone!! Today I want to share with you my layout and inserts for April 2015!  

April was quite a busy month for us after we brought Amelia home - mostly because I felt amazing and was able to do a lot even though I'd just had a baby!!  We had Easter, a zoo trip, and even a trip to Ohio to visit Poppy for a spaghetti dinner!!

I hope that you enjoy the layouts, and if you have any questions just send me a comment!!

I love documenting things like first baths - even though they always make silly faces, it's fun to look back on later on down the road.

This little gal sleeps ALL. THE. TIME!!  That's what makes scrapbooking so easy hahaha!

I decided to do a mini insert for each of Amelia's month days.  I got some super cute pictures of her propped up in the chair and used a grey blanket as a background.  I also used the shirt sticker as an embellishment!

I hope my layouts inspire you to get crafty today!!


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