Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Style Stamps: 4th of July

Hey everyone!!

I am so excited, as most of you know if you follow me on instagram or on facebook, because I've been selected to design layouts for My Style Stamps using their brand new digital pocket pages card sets!!

The first set I've received is a 4th of July set, created with beautiful maroon and navy and absolutely perfect for a layout dedicated such an important day in history.  

I used only the My Style Stamps cards to create my layout for this year's festivities, and I used all gold embellishments from my stash to really bring out the rich maroon and navy of the cards.  I didn't want too many colors in the layout to distract from the patriotic feel, and i really felt that the gold gave the whole layout a more classic design element.

There were only two cards that I didn't use from the set, but I plan to use them later on in my album because while they are "red white and blue", they definitely are not holiday specific, which makes it easy to use them with a different layout later on.  What's more exciting, is since these sets are available digitally, I can always reprint cards that I like for future layouts too!

I've taken some close-up photos of each section so that you can see the little details Ive added to really draw out the beauty of these cards.

I hope that you enjoy the layout, and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss my future posts featuring all the newest My Style Stamps digital pocket pages card sets!!

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