Thursday, July 23, 2015

YOU by My Style Stamps

Hey everyone!  Boy has it been a busy few weeks!  Amelia is going through a big growth spurt, work is picking up, and I'm getting ready to have surgery (eek!!)

I haven't been crafting nearly as much as I'd like - I tried doing weekly layouts for the month of June and it is just NOT my thing.  I ended up taking the majority of the layouts apart and have really been struggling with how I should put it back together.

So, while I'm deciding how to fix that mess, I decided to get my mojo back, and what better way to do it than with the amazing new digital card release from My Style Stamps!?

I decided to use them for a mini insert that showcases Amelia turning 3 months.  I used all but 5 cards of the kit, but I have plans for the remainders (and still plan to print more - which is easy when you buy a digital kit download versus a physical card kit!!!).

I also used the Lollipop colored sequins from My Style Stamps to keep everything flowing and connected - and i absolutely love them!!  They're this fantastic candy pink color with a bit of iridescent shine.

I definitely plan to stock up on more sequin colors, especially since they're only a dollor for a whole baggie!! The rest of the embellishments are leftovers from my stash, but if you have any questions on anything specific, let me know.

Even close up, it's hard to tell that these cards aren't real watercoloring - and I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard to make DIY watercolor embellishments to match.
I absolutely loved working with this card kit, and I hope that you will too!!

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